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All course documents for the learning and development opportunities we offer can be accessed below by logging in using the box on the right hand side, using details assigned to course participants. If you’re interesting in attending one of our courses, please contact Course Applications.

Please note our SU courses are available to HMG Staff and members of the Civilian Stabilisation Group (CSG) only.

The courses we currently offer are:

Conflict and Stability Course One (Foundation)

Conflict and Stability Course One aims to provide HMG staff and selected partners with an overview of how HMG understands conflict, how it is guided and organised to respond to conflict, and what tools and approaches it uses to operationalise this response. Participants will gain a basic understanding of key conflict concepts, the roles and contributions of key departments and have an opportunity to network with others working on fragile and conflict affected states.

Conflict and Stability Course Two (Practitioner)

Aimed at experienced practitioners, this course provides an opportunity to explore the challenges and trade-offs faced in operationalising HMG’s approach to conflict and instability, and related lessons learned. It examines approaches to programming under pressure;  making best use of conflict analysis and avoiding doing harm;  factoring in power and politics, and the long term implications of short term decisions; using evidence to inform our approaches, and; the pros and cons of different delivery mechanisms. 

Security and Justice Residential Course (Practitioner)

The Security and Justice Course provides a practical introduction to the security and justice sectors, exploring the benefits and challenges of a coherent approach for HMG’s assistance programmes and raising awareness of key lessons from past experience.  It seeks to help participants understand the links between policy and programming, and has been shaped to reflect the increasing number of dilemmas associated with delivering this work.

Gender, Conflict and Stability Course.

The Gender, Conflict and Stability explores the impact of conflict on women and men, why it is important to the UK’s work on conflict, stability and security, and how HMG is delivering its Gender commitments. This two-day interactive course is aimed at all staff across HMG working on conflict and stabilisation issues who need to be familiar with gender. The course aims to help start turning theory into practice. Key topics that are covered include integrating gender into conflict analysis, the inclusion of women in formal peace processes, protecting women and girls in emergencies, women and extremism, masculinities and peacebuilding, and gender and security sector reform. Sessions are provided by HMG staff and external contributors.

For more information, please get in touch with Course Applications.

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