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Title: UN-CMCoord Field Handbook
Institution: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), Civil-Military Coordination Section (CMCS) 
Publication date:  2015
Keywords: Civil Military, Humanitarian 

Relevance / Key Issues:
This UN-Civil Military Coordination (CMCoord) Field Handbook is designed as a guide for (civilian) CMCoord Officers and focal points in natural disasters and complex emergencies. It promotes common understanding and a coherent approach between civilian and military actors in a changing institutional framework and operational environment.

‘UN-CMCoord’ is the essential dialogue and interaction between civilian and military actors in humanitarian emergencies that is necessary to protect and promote humanitarian principles, avoid competition, minimize inconsistency and, when appropriate, pursue common goals. Basic strategies range from cooperation to co-existence. Coordination is a shared responsibility facilitated by liaison and common training. 

The key coordination elements in natural disasters and complex emergencies are information sharing, task division and planning. The five key CMCoord tasks are:

  • Establish and sustain dialogue with military forces

  • Establish a mechanism for information exchange and humanitarian action with military forces and other armed groups

  • Assist in negotiations in critical areas of humanitarian-military interaction

  • Support development and dissemination of context-specific guidance for the interaction of the humanitarian community with the military

  • Monitor activity of military forces and ensure positive impact on humanitarian communities

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