default UK's International Defence Engagement Strategy

Title: UK’s International Defence Engagement Strategy 
Publication Date: 2017
Institution: MoD and FCO
Keywords: CivMil, Integrated Approach, Stability, Stabilisation

Relevance / Key Issues:
Defence Engagement is the means by which we use our Defence assets and activities, short of combat operations, to prevent conflict, build stability and gain influence. It allows the military to play a part in shaping the global environment, promote the rules-based international order and prevent instability in support of the UK’s security and prosperity. In most parts of the world defence engagement often works alongside other government activities, particularly broader security, diplomacy and development.


The five strategic objectives for defence engagement are:

  • Develop understanding of national security requirements 

  • Prevent conflict 

  • Develop capability, capacity and interoperability 

  • Promote prosperity 

  • Build and maintain access and influence. They are each directly linked to our national security objectives, and are delivered through four broad categories of activity: defence diplomacy, defence support to UK prosperity, building capability and enabling capability


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