default Joint Doctrine Publication 05. Shaping a stable world: the military contribution

Title: Joint Doctrine Publication 05.  Shaping a stable world: the military contribution 
Publication Date: March 2016
Institution: The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC)
Keywords: CivMil, Integrated Approach, Stability, Stabilisation

Relevance / Key Issues:
This official UK military doctrine provides context and guidance on how, and why, the military instrument of power can be used in support of national strategies for addressing instability, crisis and conflict overseas. It outlines how the UK seeks to help shape a more stable world as part of its national strategy and examines the military role within this. The need for cross-government cooperation and understanding as part of an integrated approach is highlighted throughout.

Tip: It’s long, so focus on P83-121, ‘Operational considerations and the military contribution’.

The primary audience for JDP 05 is military commanders and their respective staff who are (or will become) involved in military operations that contribute to stability. The secondary audience is members of other government departments, related non-governmental organisations and the private sector, whom the military are likely to work with as part of an integrated approach.

Key sections include:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduces stability and stabilisation including the related national strategies

  • Chapter 2 – Examines the topics of stability/instability to provide a contextual basis for better understanding the challenges for any military contribution. There is also an examination of the causes of violent conflict and how these can be mitigated or negated

  • Chapter 3 – Focuses on the key policies and strategies related to stabilisation and considers how they can be delivered by the military as part of an integrated approach. This chapter considers the main instruments of national power, some of the key organisations involved with stabilisation and how stabilisation activities are resourced

  • Chapter 4 – Focuses on the military contribution to help shape a stable world. The chapter covers generic military activities (including influence) before looking in turn at the three main components of the new stabilisation approach (protect, promote and prepare) 

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