default Preparing Stabilisation for 21st Century Security Challenges.

Title: Preparing Stabilisation for 21st Century Security Challenges. 

Author: Zyck, S.A. & Muggah, R

Institution: Stability: International Journal of Security and Development. 4(1), p.Art. 54. DOI:

Publication Date: November 2015.

Keywords: stabilisation, new security challenges


The authors argue that the term stabilisation and the tools understood to be associated with it have become increasingly commonly used over recent years.  This familiarity brings with it an attendant risk that it becomes part of conflict and post-conflict jargon, losing much of what makes it a useful and valuable concept.  They identify a range of ‘new’ security challenges including migration, transnational crime, new technologies and the fragmentation of traditional conflicts, arguing that a broad interpretation of stabilisation provides an opportunity to look beyond existing and narrow-focussed approaches to conflict resolution and security responses.  They claim that stabilisation has an important role to play in helping to respond to these challenges.  However for this to happen, stabilisation needs to be interpreted as a ‘combined, multi-part strategy’, not a means through which stability can be bought with humanitarian or development assistance in the absence of a meaningful diplomatic or military-security strategy.  Those seeking to understand how stabilisation concepts and approaches might be of use in addressing new security challenges will find this article informative and useful. Part of its value is that it is part of a series of articles looking at the future of stabilisation published by Stability:  Journal of Security and Development.   


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