pdf Results in Fragile and Conflict Affected States and Situation

Institution: Department for International development 
Publication date: July 2012
Keywords: M&E


This is a practical guide to M&E in FCAS, starting with the basics and setting out definitions, key challenges and current experience and learning in understanding issues of performance and impact. This document will be useful to practitioners looking to apply best practice.

Key Issues:

This DFID How To Note sets out the rationale, the challenges and some of the practical options and ideas for measuring and managing development results in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States and situations (FCAS).  The paper begins with basic definitions and classification (section 2) and outlines what is distinctive about results management in FCAS (section 3).  It then introduces peacebuilding and statebuilding frameworks and goals, originally set out in the DFID Practice Paper Building Peaceful States and Societies and now reflected across UK Government through the Building Stability Overseas Strategy and internationally through the Monrovia Roadmap.  This Note emphasises a core objective in all FCAS country programmes and interventions across every sector is to support peacebuilding and statebuilding; an explicit theory of change is also underscored as critical.

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