pdf UK Government National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325 Women, Peace & Security

Author:  FCO, MOD, DFID in consultation with Gender Action on Peace and Security (GAPS) and the Associate Parliamentary Group on Women, Peace and Security.
Institution:  FCO, MOD, DFID
Publication Date:  2010
Keywords: Gender; Afghanistan; Nepal; Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace and Security was adopted unanimously by the Security Council in October 2000. This landmark resolution recognised the disproportionate affect conflict has upon women and underlined their vital role in preventing and resolving conflict.  In 2006 the UK answered the call by the Secretary General to develop a National Action Plan (NAP) to help make progress with implementing UNSCR 1325. The NAP provides a framework to ensure the provisions of UNSCR 1325 are incorporated into the Government’s work on conflict in our defence, diplomatic and development activity.  In November 2010, the UK launched a newly revised NAP, which is the document featured here.

Key Points:

Nationally, the revised NAP aims to make ‘Women, Peace and Security’ an integral part of HMG conflict policy, including through providing specialised training to civilian and military staff; placing women at the front and centre of development policy; and the deployment of female military personnel in support of UK battle groups to improve military engagement with female Afghan civilians.

Bilateral commitments in the NAP include the development of country plans for initially three countries; Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Nepal.  The Afghanistan plan includes actions to support Afghan women's civil society organisations, the influence of Afghan women in public life and to enhance their protection through support to legal reforms and Security Sector Reform programmes.  The DRC plan includes actions to improve protection of women through programmes which support reforms in security and legal services; increase the influence of women in public life and help survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.  The Nepal plan includes actions to support the Government’s attempts to strengthen implementation of UNSCR 1325, programmes to increase women’s participation in public life and assistance for survivors of sexual or gender-based violence.

Multilateral commitments involve strengthening the action taken by the international community, including taking a strong advocacy role at the United Nations (UN) and supporting the enhancement of UN structures that assist women in conflict.

The NAP outlines the government’s new commitment to formalising monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for women, peace and security commitments. The NAP itself will be reviewed annually, including formal reporting to parliament.

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