pdf Comprehensive Approach

Title: Comprehensive Approach
Publication Date: November 2006
Institution: Stabilisation Unit
Key Words: Comprehensive / Integrated Approach


This document provides a short, succinct overview of the evolution of the UK’s efforts to combine civilian and military approaches, in order to improve the effectiveness of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) interventions in complex environments.  It emphasises the need to promote a shared understanding of the situation, to design structures and processes to respond effectively and to establish relationships and cultural understanding. 

Key Issues:

The document is drafted around four key themes:

  • The aims of a comprehensive approach, bringing UK government departments and other stakeholders in crisis management;
  • Why a comprehensive approach is needed, essentially to combine together UK civilian and military approaches to improve effectiveness;
  • Progress so far in operationalising the comprehensive approach, providing examples such as the Stabilisation Unit and the Conflict Funding Pools;
  • What the approach is meant to do, in terms of improving effectiveness of HMG interventions in complex environments. 

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