The UK works to support Libya's transition to democracy through projects assisting the Libyan government and civil society helping them to build a transparent and accountable state based on the rule of law and respect for human rights.

default Accidental Heroes: Britain, France and the Libya Operation

Title: Accidental Heroes: Britain, France and the Libya Operation
Author: Clarke et al.
Institution: Royal United Services Institute
Publication Date: September 2011
Related Categories: Comprehensive/Integrated Approach; Conflict; Protection of Civilians


Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of how events in Libya unfolded will want to read this report, irrespective of personal level of interest in military activity and capability.  The authors explain how in their view the Libyan operation demonstrates improvisation, innovation and good luck, as well as military professionalism.

pdf Armed Groups in Libya: Typology and Roles

Title: Armed Groups in Libya: Typology and Roles
Small Arms Survey
Publication Date: June 2012
Key Words: Conflict, Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration, Peacebuilding, Political Settlement, Security and Justice, Stabilisation


This article investigates the evolving nature of armed groups in Libya.  It is based on field research, and provides detailed analysis of the differences between different non-state armed groups, their motivations and the controls that they exercise over their weapons.  These differences have important implications for policy-making, from which it could be inferred that it is important to avoid an overly simplistic approach to non-State armed groups in other contexts, but rather to undertake detailed analysis as an initial step.