Geographic Regions

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Aiming to build up the country's national security, the UK works closely with the international community to develop Afghan security, governance, infrastructure, economy and the provision of essential services.


The British Government is encouraging and supporting Burma’s transition. We want Burma to become a stable, prosperous and democratic country, playing a positive role in the international community and supporting British interests.

Central Asia

This category covers Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


The UK aims to support the Iraqi people and government in building a stable and democratic nation by realising Iraq’s economic potential, supporting long-term stability and working with Iraq to build partnerships in the region.


The UK works to support Libya's transition to democracy through projects assisting the Libyan government and civil society helping them to build a transparent and accountable state based on the rule of law and respect for human rights.

Middle East and North Africa

This category covers Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, and subjects around the 2011 Arab Spring.


The UK works with Nigeria with a view to seizing common opportunities and addressing mutual threats. We support shared goals on prosperity, security, migration, development and co-operation in the international field.


The UK works to support sustainable development, democracy and human rights in Pakistan, and securing Pakistan's engagement with international and regional security agendas.


The UK works to implement the UK-Somalia strategy.

Sudan and South Sudan

The UK works to develop peace between Sudan and South Sudan, and address the political, security, economic, humanitarian and human rights challenges.


The UK supports diplomatic efforts aiming for an end to violence and process of genuine political transition, and investigations into the grave human rights situation. The UK is also providing significant humanitarian assistance inside Syria and to refugees in neighbouring countries.


The UK works to support Yemen’s political transition and its fight against terrorism, as well as providing assistance to reduce Yemen’s humanitarian and economic crises.

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