The National School of Government International Series

The National School of Government International (NSGI) Series is a new resource for policy makers, development experts, and overseas governments that are interested in centre of government and civil service reform.  It is produced by the NSGI, a small cross-cutting unit, supporting HMG’s overseas objectives to increase the impact of aid interventions and build effective institutions using a practitioner to practitioner approach.

Increasing the Impact of Aid Interventions to Support Centre of Government Reforms: A Paper on the National School of Government International’s Approach

After more than three years of experience in different settings and countries, the NSGI has taken stock of what it has done and what it has learned, the better to codify, test and share its approach on supporting centre of government reform. This paper explores how the emerging NSGI approach, which uses civil service, practitioner-to-practitioner support that is adapted to local priorities and the local context, may provide a useful framework for improving the effectiveness of the design, delivery and monitoring of aid interventions.

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