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The Stabilisation and Conflict Learning Resource is a hub of knowledge and guidance on stabilisation, conflict and security issues from the UK Government's Stabilisation Unit.

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New research: Elite Bargains and Political Deals

The Stabilisation Unit has published a major piece of research: the Elite Bargains and Political Deals project. Our Director says:

"The UK Stabilisation Unit (SU) is an agile, cross-government unit that provides advice and expertise to prevent and de-escalate conflict and meet national security challenges in high-risk environments.

It is vital therefore that the SU’s work is informed by the best expert advice and analysis on conflict and stabilisation. To support this, over the last eighteen months, my team at the SU has been working on a major policy research project, working closely with a core team of academics from the School of Oriental and African Studies and Kings College London, supported by other experts from across the world. They have sought to answer a critically important question: how can external interventions in conflict-affected countries help to reduce violence and build sustainable transitions out of conflict?

Rt. Hon Alistair Burt, Minister of State for International Development and for the Middle East at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office recently gave a speech in which he discussed the project’s key findings at Chatham House (for the transcript click here, to stream the video click here).

The Elite Bargains and Political Deals project has allowed the SU to continue to strengthen its evidence base and approach to conflict and stability issues. To ensure the work contributes to the wider expert debate in this area, I am very pleased to make publicly available a number of the papers produced as part of the project. Click here for further background to the project, a detailed Synthesis Paper bringing together the project’s key findings and a range of our case studies.

The issues covered are complex with inherent trade-offs and no easy choices. We would welcome feedback and suggestions on the lessons identified and how to apply them. Please email

We believe this material makes an important contribution to a critical debate – we hope you do too."

-- Mark

Mark Bryson-Richardson, Director, Stabilisation Unit



Interested in joining our Civilian Stabilisation Group (CSG)?

SU is currently undertaking a CSG recruitment drive and is looking to recruit individuals with experience of working on and in fragile and conflict-affected states to the CSG Categories listed below. Please take particular notice of our newly launched National School of Government International (NSGI) and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) categories. In addition, SU is also seeking CSG applications to any CSG Category from individuals with the below cross-cutting skills. Further information and details on how to apply to any CSG Category can be found on our page.

CSG Categories

Cross-cutting Skills

National School of Government International (NSGI) Arabic
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) French
Gender, Conflict and Stability Monitoring and Evaluation
Extremism, Violent Extremism and Terrorism (EVET) Migration
Organised Crime  
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